Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stock Chart : JPMorgan

Sunday noon ... Liverpool beat Hull 5 - 1. ManCity, Spurs, ManU, Arsenal won too ... Chelsea lost to the gunners.

As I m lazy to write ... and think ... let me share ...

I m going to show a chart : JP Morgan

Weekly chart of JPMorgan showing breakout of downtrending pattern and potentially BREAKOUT into new high!! Long JPM upon breakout of USD69.

JPM is the best chart of all the banking stocks in US ... similar to our PBBank the best among all the others in the sector.

Note : Expecting DOW to breakout to new high ... pre-election rally?

Malaysia? KLSE?

Someone shared this chart ... as he went to the invest-smart today. I could not make it as I still have another class in the noon today. Too bad.

From the chart ... what do you think? KLCI to hit new high or ....

Time to go ... rest and class.


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