Thursday, September 08, 2016

Stock Alert : Century

Century ... see the HIGH volume before YESTERDAY's? ALL stock-group YELLING ... so-called forums yelling BUY BUY ...

zzz... you see the three highlighted HIGH volume ... can see yesterday's volume? RUMOUR out ... faster buy buy .. going for RM1.20 ... rush to buy at RESISTANCE 1.04??

Century RESISTANCE at RM1.04 ... please learn technical charting and STOP being greedy to buy at RM1.04 ... and STOP listening to rumour leh.

This morning suspend half day pending announcement ... don't know why diving after lunch? Check out the volume!!

There ... the charts do not lie ... those YELLING ... I TOLD YOU TO buy earlier will be silenced. Those reading WAVES 1-2-3 would be killed too.

Sorry if anyone are stuck up there ... no one could help as you are too greedy, too ignorant ... but, it is ok ... reset and change.


According to the announcement made in Bursa, Century Logistics founder Datuk Phua Sin Mo, together with his wife Datin Lee Lay Hun, and daughter Pamela Phua Jo Lyn, as well as Chai Mee Young, the wife of Teow Choo Chuan who is the group’s executive director of Century Logistics, have entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement (SPA) with CJ Korea Express for the proposed disposal of 120.54 million shares at a disposal price of RM1.45 per sale share.


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Unknown said...

Hmmm.. Its pretty easy to comment why this and that with hindsight..