Monday, September 19, 2016

Stock Alert : BAT (code 4162)

This is the weekly chart of BATMAN ... I mean, BAT the kelawar (no relation to Melewar, ok?)

The arrow pointing DOWN la ... so, it is down-trending. The horizontal line is the current resistance at RM52 level. Yes ... I caught some kelewar when it dived ... but I m no longer interested with this heavy-weight. muak.

Do you know that kelawar could be makan-ed? I do remember I eaten some when I was young. Serious. but since then ... I will never like to try ... I wont. haha.

Ok ok ... this is for someone holding to BAT and wonder if he should liquidate his position. Most of people buying into BAT are investors ... they hold long-term for dividends and defensive play. All I could see from the chart is that it is down-trending .. and no signal or reason to buy at current level.

Ok ... continue to stay lazy for today and smell coffee now.


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