Sunday, September 11, 2016

Post # 3502 : Sunday Blah-blah

11.30am : Noon ... having my cuppa while reading Jesse's book.

The book I like most ... How to TRADE in STOCKs.

Yesterday .. I managed to sell ALL the items in my office as I m shifting out. Will be meeting the landlord next week ... and executing exit-clause. So ... in the morning, either I go to my other center, create an office there ... or trade at home!!

This is my current home work-space. Not much of upgrading needed, except using of the whiteboard to write down my trading idea ... connecting the dots.

DOW dived 394 points on Friday .. lucky for KLCI, we close shop tmr. But, if Monday night, DOW continue to dive ... say, another 200-300 points, Tuesday would be ugly for KLCI. That is SENTIMENT ... so, do respect DOW (tho lacking of correlation leh).

Exit : I have exited most of my stocks a week ago ... and have warned my trading-group enough of the coming sharp correction ... it is SEPT-OC again ... the spooky month to avoid. Need to change the line "Sell in May and go away" which no longer relevant ... should be "Wake me up when September ends".

There ... the song I posted every September ... to remind all how NOT to trade or hold to stocks in September ...

It was Sept 2011 dive that I started my cohort-1 ... my first batch of trading-workshop!! Wow ... it was some 5 years ago!! Due to some re-quests, I m planning for another one ... may be after I settled selling of my items and shifted out. I will try to use my new Sunway center, instead!!

In the mean time ... do nothing. Busy with SELLING my apartment, selling my office items, selling extra items ... etc etc ... SELL is in mind, preparing ahead of the CRASH (yeah yeah ... it will only crash in 2036)

Sports : Liverpool won last night ... and our two sportsmen made us proud buy winning GOLD.

Penang : Yes ... I might shift to Penang after the crash!! Depending on my children's education ... and my financial capabilities ... Penang would be a good place to retire ... tho my heart still with Sabah.

Ok ... time to fetch my boy from his game and go for lunch (plus shop for mooncake!)


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