Saturday, September 10, 2016

post # 3500 : DOW down 394points

DOW downed nearly 400 points. Wow ... lucky for KLSE as Monday is off ... so, we shall see on Monday night if DOW could pare some losses.

Last night I had another e-meeting to talk about my experiences during 2008-crash ... yes, my LionDiv, Jaks and Ranhill I bought back then ... cut-loss nearly 70% and re-set. By end of Jan2009, I have recovered my losses!! And going forward into Apr 2009 recovery, the rebound was very sharp. That would be another story (e-meeting) to share on what I have done right ... and wrongs during 2009 recovery.

In 2008 ... everything seemed to be wrong and lost. No matter what you read ... and you think that you know what to do ... actually failed so badly.

There is a rude person came in the e-meeting (he is from i3, I was told) and started to show his arrogance. Well, in a crowd of 100 ... expect 10 bad apples ... majority are good human. With them thanking me for my sharing, I felt great.

So ... I will do a repeat ... again and again ... till someone out there (newbies) understand what is market-crash and how we could capitalise on it by being PREPARED. The time to start is NOW.

It is my policy (in life) not to argue with anyone ... and let go of those haters, arrogant , bad humans ... to live a positive lives.

To help others ... those needing guidance. That is what we could ... at least do.

Ok ... let's talk about Malaysia Day.

I was having breakfast at my normal-usual mamak shop ... as I was paying my bills, I saw this scenario .... a MALAYSIANA picture

A Malay man having his breakfast alone, an elderly couple ... a Chinese family ... a Sikh-man and son, an Indian family ... a Chinese lady with an Eurosian friend ... muhibah tu. And ... a Malaysian Chinese paying his bill to an Indian boss ...

This is a dream for me ... my love for Malaysia. They spoilt it ... and my kids might lose this beautiful harmoni-muhibah feeling .... being Malaysians.

AirAsia weekly chart .. closed at RM2.90. I m shorting in stages ... RM3.50 and RM4 in queue. Once it is RM2.50 and below, I m adding my short at RM2.50 ... taking profit at RM2 and RM1.50. So ... it may takes few months or 1-3years for this trade to materialise.

RM3 (short with RM30k) ... so be that. RM3.50 would be RM35k ... easier position size for me to remember.

PBBank : High at RM19.96 ... so, parked to short at RM20 (put RM20k) and another at RM22(RM22k) and for every RM2 up ... when it is down to RM18, I will take a short at that too (RM18k) ... so, these will be my short position for PBBank, another stock I would short(if I could)

Note : I m putting RM100k for each counter here.

I am in cash position(have asked members to exit), preparing to buy after next week ... shall check at KLCI @ 1600, some 70-80 points to go.

Time to go for dinner ... and jalan-jalan at KLIA.


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