Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Nobody could bring us down

Why are people mean?

Internet the playground for 'bullies'.

I will never bully others ... not even thru internet.

I am aware of what other feels ...

No one could bring us down ...

I do not need to be right ... so, I will not argue with anyone about the right or wrong. We are entitled to our own opinions.

I want to be a humble ... and not being egoistic to say that I am right.

And it is insane to be angry ... and bring ourselves down.

These are good clips to share ... learn these ... and you will be happier.

Note : To Murali(of i3) and some of those few ... I choose peace and forgiveness. So ... I m happier. You all should too. Join my e-meeting ... and we could be in-touch.

I do not hate ... dislike the action, yes. Not hate the person. We need to be compassion to know other's situation.

Waiting for market to open ... while listening to few of her clips!

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