Monday, September 19, 2016

Lazy Monday

Monday morning ... lazy morning. In office to clear of my things/items as I m shifting out by this weekend. yeah ... managed to sell off all the items and met the landlord(he is renting out this office in ss15/8a .. those looking for a place to rent, contact me ... will post photos/details later).

I got another hour or so to burn ... then, to fetch my girl. Don't know what to write ... as I m 'lazy' now ... market is kinda boring too. haha.

Perhaps ... I could go to café and smell some coffee there ... alone.

Maybe I should write about bizarre Liverpool's performance ... beating Chelsea but lost to Burnley? Hmm ... I do like seeing Mane playing at the moment ... fast (remind me of Sterling). Disposing Benteke was a good plan too as he is not contributing much ... well, we shall watch how they perform vs low-level teams.

This month would see some changes ... moving out of the office is the main one plus few more changes expected in coming weeks/months (such as selling of my apartment).

so ... with many things in mind, needing to be cleared ... I m waiting ... while waiting for correction in markets too ... I do some reading.

Book-sharing : I will have a book-sharing session and will share a topic from this book called "Tactical Investing". When? I don't know ... my brain not functioning at the moment ... will update once planned.

ok ... going out for coffee ... off


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