Sunday, September 04, 2016

I am a Malaysian

Recently, I posted a Malay group --- Ekamatra (not a tips to buy EKA, in case you seen EKA was actively traded after I posted that. haha) ... someone wondered if I m half-Malay. haha ... no-la, I m pure Chinese ... china-ah-pek fella, mixed with Malay (was from Malay school too) during Uni-time and also after grads ... liking Malay cultured family (rather than money-minded Chinese family) ...

... and being a Malaysian, I like Indian's tabla.

Yes ... tabla ... I learnt before for a short-while as one of my ex-gf was an Indian. Don't believe, right? Yeah .... I went thru such exciting, interesting ... out-of-norm kinda life ... and still NOT doing at 'normal'. I make sure I do not conform to the society and do what I like, explore and learn. Experience. So ... I have many stories to share ... just not your normal 'lecturer' kinda book-worm boring Math-geek. Haha.

She was a Bharatanatyam dancer (different from Odissi) and enjoyed Indian culture.

This is one Chinese song (Sporean) I like very much ...

Minute 2:09 ... I think I heard the sound of tabla there in this song!! Then ... continuously from here ... you could hear the beat ... of TABLA.

ok ... time to read my book : STUDYING ... for coming exams.

This is the book for today ... 2-3 hours.


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