Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How I search for a Chinese song

I was listening to some old songs ... in Chinese. Heard a song for first time ... nice. Then, I started to check the youtube ... to keep the songs I like (either in FB or blog here).

Step 1 : check the name of the song and the singer. Mind you again, I cant read much.

Can see some Chinese characters there? I tried to recognise the singer by her voice and her names in Chinese ... so, I took my nearest guess ... should be the singer who sang one of the song I like "Hao Xin Fen Shuo" ... so ...

Step 2 : Go to youtube search ... key-in han-yu pin-yin "Hao Xin Fen Shuo" ... and check.

Bingo ... the Chinese characters look different but I know a little about those traditional and modern Chinese words.

盧巧音 = Candy Lo.

Step 3 : Search for the song

Check those lists shown ... something to do with 'kai fa' ... there. I could read the word 開花

Step 4 : Choose the clip with good audio ...

Step 5 : then, copy the 'code' to embed in the blog.

There you are ... to post it here a picture, I have to take a picture using my smartphone, then send them to my FB (only me) ... save in this pc ... before I upload them up. See how 'banana-uncle' done so many steps to listen to a song and share it here? haha.

Enjoy the song, anyway.


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