Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DOW minus 258 points

Morning ... DOW minus 258 points ... expect another BEAR-DAY.

had an e-meeting (4th for the month of Sept) to talk about CUT LOSS. Taking it to another level by asking question : WHY majority will be stuck when markets crash?

It is a serious question to ponder as many ALREADY stuck up there with many stocks (O&G counters, properties-stocks,  speculative stocks, etc etc) ... check YOUR own portfolio to see if there are many stocks you STILL hoping it could recover? Chances are ... slim.

UliCorp : Dived 30% in a week ... these could happen to many stocks during crash ... or just exit of some funds.

And I guess many could relate to these. Do you understand WHY so many of us stuck UP there? Many will STUCK like crazy inside the steel-counters ... once the rally over.

ok ... tmr I m going for yearly break at Sepang Goldcoast.

I m a member there ... so, for those wish to book it (I shall give 30% discount), contact me ... do give few weeks in advance for reservation.

Yes ... I like beaches ... I like the sunset ... and seafood.

The time is just right ... as I m not trading (shorted FKLI overnight) and in cash position.

So ... I m going to be lazy at home today, reading about market-crash!! Wait till the waterfalls formed ... do not catch knives.

Have a nice day!!


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