Thursday, September 29, 2016

Azizan Osman minus the DR

Today .. I read many things written and shared about Azizan ... one of the most popular figure in motivational, biz-marketing and such.

He managed to attract many followers. And earn millions from his seminars. I wont mind joining his motivational talk too ... there will be definitely many pointers we could learn.

The issue : He is not awarded from UM.

Fine. He is not a PhD then ... that is OK but what not ok is he lied. Being a mentor to many ... and we are talking about such HUGE crowd, he should not.

Interesting blog to read ... this blogger Aidid, wrote in 2010 few of the 'mickey mouse' self-given titles ... and Azizan was one of them.

I am a non-believer in paying thousands to learn about motivation as I do know motivation came from INNER.

This one is nice ... she wrote it well. If they CLAIMED they wanted to help public ... then, WHY charging THOUSANDS ... squeezing from the poor ones and provide them credit-card, instalment ... WHY? Mengapa la tu?

Hopefully ... more Malaysians would be more logical and understand that there is no short-cut to success. Work hard la ... motivate OURSELVES innerly ... believe in OURSELVES.

Nevertheless, I do follow some of his youtube clips... positive notes.

Anyone attended Anthony Robbin's talk? We have to pay thousands to attend ... again, I do read Tony's books ... very good books but I taught myself ... filter what are applicable and APPLY.

ra-ra ... hu-ra-ra is never my taste. I m too old for that ... i attended many seminars ... some by MLM, some by Forex or tradings ... all about ra-ra-ra of get-rich quick mentality. ONLY for today, due to the sun is shining bright, I will give you all here 50% discount. Is that OK? Say ... yeah .... YEAH, those followers repeated (they might employed few own kaki-s to yell YEAH or sign-up ... you know, right?)

Anyway ... it is not a scam. It is just mid-leading ... playing on human's ignorance and greed. Many mindset is not strong enough to think ... and work hard. WORK HARD? What the heck ... with a single forex-trade, they will show us they could profit USD1k ... per day! Haha ...

Anyway ... everyone is entitled for their own common-sense ... which is rare (and getting very rare due to the bad leaderships of our country)

talking about saving our country ... DO REGISTER as voters ... if you have not.

May God bless our country.


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