Sunday, August 07, 2016

Updates : Aug week #1

Updates from my previous alerts

#1 : Asiabrn (ex-HingYap)

It was trading at RM1.20 when I wrote the above. Someone e-mail me as she stuck at RM3 level.

AsiaBrand : Trading at 90cents ... with trading-volume diminishing after huge sell-off .. as it is never in my list, I do not know much about the sell-off or who the shareholders are. Go to their website or BursaMalaysia to check.

#2 : Evergreen

Evergreen : Trading below RM1 ... closed at 92 cents. When someone asked me and said he bought at RM1.30, I could only show the downtrending chart and said ... if RM1 support broken, technically it will continue to go lower ... and NOT initiating a SELL to cut-loss as I do not know why he is stuck at RM1.30. Be strong ... the furniture stocks over when I sold ALL my furniture ... and I wrote it here too.

#3 : FLBhd

May 27th .. I have alerted about FLBhd to break RM2 strong support, we shall see more downside. Trading at RM1.70 level at the moment, it might make a short rebound ... and watch the breakdown of RM1.65 level ... and we need to check the next support at around RM1.45.

#4 : MBSB

MBSB : I bought RM1.15 before ... I think. Then, announcement of RIGHT-ISSUE price, I sold her off the next day as it will be HIGH RISK. It shot up to hit RM1.20 ... before dived 1-2 weeks later ... all the to RM1 which I placed another red-alert. Adjusted rights ... we shall see 97cents as resistance now.

Last week ... the HUGE volume surged ... the CMY's effect? By the way, if you are new and do not who CMY is ... The Star biz yesterday written about him. Do have a read, it will give you a rough idea. I missed the rebound and will not chase ... 20MA is at 86cents.

Many retailers STUCK inside MBSB, hoping it could rebound back to their cost price at RM1, RM1.30, RM1.80 ... or higher? Doing another AirAsia stunt?

#5 : SKPetrol

SKPetrol still trading around RM1.40 level. Sideway with crude-oil tumbling back to USD40 level.

To illustrate the debt load situation, a check on Bloomberg data reveals at least seven companies listed on Bursa Malaysia whose net debts currently exceed their entire market capitalisations.
The companies include SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd (SapKen), Bumi Armada Bhd, Wah Seong Corp Bhd, and Icon Offshore Bhd, among others.

OK ... I will write more when I m free.

Have a nice Sunday.


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Remnant 888 said...

Really love your writeup on the bungee jumped stocks...
Perhaps you could summarised your choice as CP's 10 worst bungee stocks of the week.. Or something to the effect..
Just a suggestion Bro
Thanks for sharing the charts