Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday blah-blah

It is almost 10pm ... out since 9.30am this morning!! Tired ... and waiting for 11pm for Liverpool's first game.

This morning ... I have an important date. It has been arranged 1 week plus ago ... and I was very excited. Yes ... I m meeting one of the super-investor, Uncle Ben. Will like to write more about his advices (and he does not think so market is crashing, no sign of euphoria!) and share with all valuable and precious pointers ... on how to prepare for crash!!

Then ... I went to Pajam, to check on a property launching .. 57 units, only left two!! Priced from RM489k ... wow. We do not see slow-down in property sales?

This is my main read of The Edge this week ... yes, buying into O&G at the moment is RISKY ... but contrarians should look into those 'survivals'.

I m still very pleased to meet Uncle Ben and will be seeing him more often to ask about his 50yrs in KLSE ... incredible journey!!

Till tmr ... night


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