Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Stock Alert : Maxwell (code 5189)

I took a picture from my e-mail ... can see?

News alert : PN17

Maxwell is one of the company I registered my email to ... so that they will update me any announcements or news, on-going etc etc.

When did I register? ... hmm ... about 4 years ago, there is a market-talk by the management (of the company, Maxwell) during a market-talk session in Jupiter Securities. It was around 30-40cents back then, if not mistaken. They were showing many ... how fundamentally strong the company is ... and NET CASH company, with expansion & JV with global brands ... etc etc ... I took some pictures but I could not remember where I saved them.

Why register with Maxwell? Because it is a barometer for me to check on the CHINA's stocks listed in KLSE ... haha ... mostly LOWEST PE with HUGE pile of cash!! Mostly shoes-companies ... of coz we have CSL and also some wine-company.


I knew of a person stuck inside CSL around RM1 plus. Sigh ... it is trading at 8 -9 cents at the moment.

Anyway, I attended many market talk by many of companies management ... and take the talk with a pinch of salt(huge pinch).

This is weekly chart of MAXWELL ... at 2 cents now!!

What is PN17? If you are too newbie ... read about it. ASK around ... and if you are unaware of MANY more of China's stocks traded in KLSE, get yourself a list ... and MAKE SURE you are not inside any of them. Rubbish. They tarnished the image ... even if there is a genuinely strong company, we could not trust them.

What if we STUCK inside them?

CSL ... see the chart ... listen to their stories ... INVEST in them? Really?

I would CUT LOSS ... slap myself, cry if u wish ... get out, move on. Then ... blog it here, my painful experiences ... hopefully OTHERS will listen and stay strong.

MSports ... I was told about her around 50cents level. A remisier was recommending to buy as he visited the factories in China and said the accounts are real. Yeah ... the management must be inviting investors and remisiers to visit them ... to convince the public about their biz ... don't know what is wrong, a total disaster ... total LOSS.

In stock-markets, we could NOT lose 100% (all) of our money ... unless the stock delisted (another one is buying into structure warrants and expired la).

Reminder : CUT LOSS and EXIT is more important than ENTRY or BUYING point.

I am at Pyramid now ... as wife shopping, and I m writing a blog. Haha.

Got to go ...


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