Thursday, August 04, 2016

Stock Alert : APFT (code 5194)

APFT ... suddenly this penny activated and in play. Just few days ago, someone in our group said he got burnt in APFT previously before joined me. He is one of new member. So ... I advised him not to punt here-there as it is too risky if we do not know how to exit.

For clearer picture ... see how it came down ... after IPO-ed (listed price 50cents, par at 20cents) at 24th Feb 2011 ... that is some 5 years plus ago.

Then ... goreng-ed her up for 180% ... and released.

At 5-6 cents today ... what do you think?

If you are thinking .... hoping it to jumped back to 50cents or whatever you cost price, PLEASE do not hope much ... market is cruel, not for those ignorant punters. Get out when they push it up again ... if possible, get out totally from stock-market if one continues to punt.

In tight consolidation mode ... without anything much ... buy 4cents and sell 5cents ... that is what many punters thinking about. See if they goreng above 7cents first ...

Note : A high risk trade ... which I will not take.


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