Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stock Alert : AirAsia broken RM3

AirAsia : Assuming I have shorted at RM3, I will like to double my SHORT at RM2.50(instead of taking profit). So, at RM2.90 now, do nothing.

Time frame : Till market crash or take profit at RM2 for the RM3 portion and RM1.50 for the RM2.50 level.

By the time it reach RM1 ... we do dollar-averaging AGAIN ... for the LONG position. Continue till de-listed or taken private!!

Note : AirAsia is the BEST trading stock in KLSE  as I told everyone. If u can trade well, AirAsia could always fly ... full with news. Haha.

Above is a no brainer way of trading AirAsia .... but I need to find an instrument to SHORT AirAsia and HOLD.


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