Sunday, August 07, 2016

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Good morning .. this is my today's workspace for the morning ... later going for a swim with kids and in the noon, another coffee-date with a person who has been working for years in broker house before formed his own company. Another experienced investor ...

Someone asked me(through e-mail) about resources ... well, the informed-trades youtube series (100 plus) were my first youtube online learning of technical-analysis (TA) when I was a total newbie. So .. here you are, for those wish to know HOW I STARTED.

It is free ... just that you need HOURS of patience to learn ... going to listen to the whole series again TODAY!! Yeah ... 7 years ago ... today, I could understand almost 90% of what he is saying. Take your time ... listen till you could understand more than 50% of them ... you are on the way to be good. But .. that doesn't mean you could trade well ... YET.

It takes TIME.

Sports : Olympic is going on ...I think. Will check how Lee Chong Wei fairs ... as I do not have much time to watch, I will give the Olympic 2016 a miss, just like I skipped the Euro 2016. But the EPL is going to start next weekend ... and as usual, I will only watch LFC's games ... win or lose.

I have to re-focus in things I m doing ... and as of now, many regular readers will know that my main focus is "Preparation for market crash"

#1 : Capital Preservation

#2 : Accumulation of bullets

#3 : Instruments and platforms

#4 : Knowledge and experiences

Coffee-dates (and more to come) will be speaking about #4 ... sharing of experiences and how others preparing for the coming crash. Most of them are not prepared YET ... so, lets do it together ... leaving those herds or majority who believe that they do not need to prepare ... or crash will not be here.

How about CUT-LOSS in many of those lousy stocks for the start? That is my #1 ... capital preservation.

STOP losing is one of the key-word for capital-preservation too ... it takes discipline and patience. Lots of that. haha. I have lost enough ... now, it is time to gather those experiences and knowledge and re-focus

Ok ... a reply to Stanley's second e-mail.

Hi Teh,

You will do well. I have been around the world many time, negotiated with all sort of people,
and managed thousands of staff, thus, qualified me to say that.

TEH : Ghee ... thanks for that compliment. I m doing well now (for my standard la) and hope I will do better in the near future. Wow ... you are 'somebody'.

Not only you accept issues positively, and action without delay that is not common, even amongst
top top executives or successful entrepreneurs. Many are
highly resistance to change or accept suggestions because of ego or stubbornness. And it get worse with age.

TEH : Oh ... I do accept suggestions .. constructive ones, that is the only way we could improve, right? Change is the only constant. I m 49 this year ... I started at age 38 ... CHANGE in total my mindset ... otherwise, I will not be where I am, right? Yup ... I take the jernih, throw the keroh. haha.

You are doing the right things - consolidating your whole portfolio and refocus for more effective

Here is a very simple yet very effective tool. Use a pie chart to reallocate your assets and funds at
your desired percentages. You can adjust and remix them accordingly or strategically. I called it a
strategic investment or business or portfolio mix. You can use it on other components such as expenses or earnings, etc, etc, as it is also a good controlling tool. Just a few well-mixed pies will eventually make a very delicious or rewarding pile of pancake, good enough for a big family

TEH : Yes ... consolidating after I sold off almost all ahead of Brexit. Then, place out 50% as cash ... decided to keep the cash ahead of more headwinds in equity-markets. Use the remaining 50% to trade short-terms as some opportunities arise.

I will draw the pie-chart ... allocation of my funds, in percentage-wise ... once I manage to get another lump-sum of money from selling of my apartment. More or less, my point #2 will be accomplished by mid of 2017. Then ... I will be in the final stage of preparation : MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY. Will show it here once I m done ...

As for my postings' link below, yes, it was incomplete. Perhaps, to be sure, copy the link below and
paste onto the url instead of just a click. I am sure you will find them interesting. However, remember, we are savvy investors,
depend on knowledge, skills, experience and strategies, not on unknown, unproven fallacies such as luck or people whom write or make up stories for a living. They are or their books are mostly fictions, not facts.

There is no such thing as lack of luck, but lack of strategies, skills, knowledge and experiences.
I thought it would be beneficial to visit my postings in this forum, at the right angle, to extract all the takeaways that would be useful to you.

TEH : I have not checked the link/forum ... will do that one-day ... the song "Come Undone" is one of my fav. haha. Yes ... my pointer #4 could add in or re-defined as strategies, skills, knowledge and experiences.
You may like to visit my postings on other threads - 1. constant improvement, 2. winning formula, 3. betting strategies.I believe, in some ways or in similar principles, they would be of some use to you too, or at least enjoy the MVs."[Should you find the postings useful, suggests you go through them a couple more time so that you won't miss the relevant critical thinking or takeaways.]"

TEH : Will check on them.

Btw, my readings tell me that the market now is in a very negative consolidating mode. I believe you know that. Hence, we got to be cautious. If you are trading, better play play on paper only, free practises make perfect. Like you, I had liquidated all my holdings quite awhile already. Until such time when the overall sentiments are truly positive and charts trigger buyin mode. CASH is king.
Stay cool and focus.


TEH : I have not liquidate all ... only 50% of my funds parked as CASH. But ... fresh cash will not be moving in markets till it crashed. So ... trading amount (position size) is much smaller now. Good luck to us ...

Keep in touch ... and till the crash-opportunities are here ... we shall stay cool and focus. Cheers


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