Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Reply e-mail by Stanley

Hi Teh,
I enjoy visiting your blog and appreciate your sincerity to share.
TEH : Thanks for being my reader. I appreciate that too.
Recently, seems like you are in an uneasy situation. Thus, I thought of sharing my two cents worth,
from an angle outside your world
TEH : Yes ... very uneasy .... nervous too. haha. Thanks for taking your time to share your thoughts.
With all good intents and purposes, please take it constructively as I meant well and nothing else.
1. Looks like you are not doing quite well. I gather you are spreading yourself too thin, aka, you
  seem to be all over the places, so to speak, losing your focus by information overload and over-  buying into the notion of a crash which may never happen or so soon. Like buying 4D, what is the real odd of happening, nobody really knows. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad thing to be prepared, but don't let it blinkers you and take up too much of your valuable time, thus, missing many valuable opportunities - when the charts of a FEW counters are bullish, be ready buyin and take profits, and NOT cut-losses. After all, trading is the simplest form of business - buy and sell at the right time, no more. The rest are usually distractions
TEH : Yes ... I m re-focusing and have to let go of many things I have been doing. So, yes ... uncomfortable is the word. I do think I m too overly concern about the coming-crash ... as if it is my final exams, so I want to be well-prepared before the exams!! Correct .... it may not happen ... certainly not so soon with so much of liquidity in markets. So ... these lines from you struck a few logical notes in me. Oh yes, I am still buying into stocks ... and I do not see crash any sooner. Yeah ... the rest usually distractions. Great reminder to me.
2. Suggests to do a good situation analysis - similar to a SWOT analysis but purely within your scope or limitations. From here, you will have a better bird-eye view to remap your financial mission. Don't look too far. As a retail trader or investor, a small fish with limited resources, time horizon must be realistically close enough for achieving maximum and tangible goals. Sedikit, sedikit jadi bukit.

TEH : Good suggestion ... and I m doing that now, actually. Done ... and now taking actions time. That explains why I m un-easy ... feel little emotional as I m letting go many things 'sentimental' to me ... such as my apartments and also my current 'tratles nest'. I m even given up with the site '' which I created some 3-4 yrs ago. Slowly ... I will be used to the changes, at the moment ... I know I will be very 'sentimental. haha.
3. I thought it would be benefitual to visit my postings in this forum, at the right angle, to extract all the takeaways that would be useful to you.

TEH : I tried to go to the link of the forum, but it is not valid. If you are reading this page, please re-send me the link. I do not check any forum(not even i3) ... I prefer to be focus in things I m doing ... once in a while, someone like you could shake me up a little. That will be good. haha.
4. Lastly. certainly not new to you, but as a refreshment - Plan your work; Work your plan.

TEH : Yes yes ... planned ... now is execution period till end of Dec 2016, then start to plan my portfolio for 2017, pending crashing. I do still want to put the crash firmly at the back of my head... and plan for that.

All the best
by : Stanley Adams

TEH : All the best to you too.

Once a while, such e-mail is worth replying ... and making it into my blogpost as it is valuable. I do welcome such positive e-mail and will check-balance on my doings.

Will write more about my un-easiness ... got to run again.


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