Monday, August 22, 2016

post # 3459 : Dinner-date with EC

10.25 am : FKLI up 3-4 points, at 1690 ... KLCI flat at 1687.

Besides FGV, DRBHcom ... and some GLCs "undervalued" counters (LOL), nothing much moving. Election-in-play? Hmm ... UEMS, MRCB ... those counters la.

I m at café again ... reading, listening to songs while .... once a while check on markets.

This is the song I m re-playing. Nice catchy music. haha

As I m writing ... KLCI green-ing?

10.35 am : FCPO gapped up 20points.

Last night ... I had an hour e-meeting (I do open to all), talking about the 10-counters written by The Edge ... and wanting to take UliCorp (today up without much liquidity ... how to trade?)

This is a PIE chart (check the chart of PIE la) ... yes, correctly written about writers/bloggers. TIME we spent to write a page ... haha ... 'stare into space', 'watch youtube videos', 'read faceboook posts' .... haha ... so true.

10.45 am : AirAsia ... the darling of KLSE in red for a while moments ago, below RM3.20 .... yes, it is RM3 plus now. Undervalued. haha.

Ok ... since I m free, let me share a little story ... about this young successful man, in advertising-line.

He is EC. It was kinda impromptu ... just days, he watsapp me, telling me he is my blog reader and which to treat me coffee!! Sure ... but as my list kinda long for to oblige, I have to plan for the date. Well, then ... that week ... my Friday appointment was postponed and since I m free and like to listen to his stories (from Sabah ... so, I give priority? haha).

Anyway ... he was sincere to meet me ... treated me nice dinner, as we chat and talked about our 'past' ... our struggles.

His family was poor ... and his dad failed in biz ... and they shifted to Sabah. During the struggle, the family almost fall apart ... but God helped them. His dad managed to get a job ... in timber-line. It changed their fortune .... and now he & brothers are doing very well ...great story to listen and to know how STRONG humans could be ... and while they succeeded, they are still humble.

Yes ... kayu-balak ... there are many timber-tycoons in Sabah-Sarawak. They are very rich ... as our country is a rich country ... but both states are one of the poorest in Malaysia due to co##uption ... and illegal logging is common there.

Anyway ... he lost a lot in KLSE punting at the year 2005-2006 ... and luckily went out before the crash! And he missed the whole opportunities during 2008 crash. We were talking about how we could prepare for the coming crash ... and yes, I asked him to join me during crash (keep the cash now ... as he is reading these lines, perhaps).

Now ... there is something very interesting came out from him. His father knew FLBhd's boss well as they have biz-deal .... yes, they supply the logs to Focus-Lumber and he said he will never buy the stock!! He grew up ... playing in the factory and surrounding area. So ... I told him ... FLBhd reported good profits and also a strong cash-positive counter now and KYY is promoting her!! Well ... he is adamant that ... FLBhd is not a stock for him to buy!!

Interesting ... his perception on the company is not well, I guess.

As trader, I do not care much ... but I wont buy FLBhd as it is downtrending and quiet now. Many waiting for the coming report. Good or bad? If bad ... then only I might consider. haha

Time to go ...


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