Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Morning ... it is Thu 9.30am. KLCI at 1671 level @ resistance.

I m not feeling so well for past 3 days and went to see doc yesterday morning. Then, I posted in my FB ... why? So that I could get some feedback. The cost at medivron was Rm75 (expensive)

1. Do not go to Medivron ... they are expensive

2. Go to 1Malaysia clinic ... they are good.

3. Buy from pharmacy, cheaper

12.15 am : Just had a class , was teaching Differential Equation. KLCI at 1674 ... breakout of the current resistance. See if could close above 1672 convincingly. From short-fkli view, now ... we go long-fkli.

KLCI as at yesterday ... so, if today KLCI closed above 1675, we are seeing more upside. Check 1700 level next.

Too many things going on too fast .. coffee-date with an experienced person in market on Sunday, e-meeting about "capital preservation" on Sunday night ... MAD Toastmaster club meeting on Tues night ... and last night I have a repeat of "Capital Preservation" public-talk. It is tiring ... as during noon, I will have 2 classes to teach ... besides, I m not feeling that well.

On Monday noon, my bike type puncture when I m suppose to meet Mr T for a drink. I dropped my bike and took a cab!! He told me about the National-Debt of about RM700bil and mentioned to me again to diverse some MYR to SGD. And I will just do that!!

Apartment : Last night ... tho I was so tired, I have to meet a buyer (of my apartment). Hopefully they will agree to buy from me and continue to rent out to my existing tenants. It is Jati2 apartment, located at USJ 1. Anyone interested to buy from me could contact me too.

Market talk : Tonight I will attend a market-talk and then ... yam-char with few of tratles. Yes, I will repeat (haha) about my preparation of market crash.

Resume : I have not prepare my resume ... yes, to apply to a teaching job in 2017 (JAN). Really need the push as I m so reluctant to go back to 'employee'-quadrant.

And listening to these kinda clips in my rest time ...

The signs are ...

#1 : You customer see value : Yes

#2 : You are getting referrals : Yes

#3 : You are getting better : Yes

#4 : You are seeing growth : Yes

#5 : Your environment is changes : Yes

#6 : You are trying a new thing : Yes

#7 : You still love it : Yes

These still applicable to my teaching Math and Trading. Yes to all the signs. Good.

Keep going.



Unknown said...

That is the problem. When stocks are at all time high and cabbies ask u to buy, will u buy? Now SGD vs MYR is almost at all time high, and u felt its rational to buy?

CP said...

Yes, I will buy SGX's stocks and keep some cash in SGD. If the source from cabbies, I may not listen but if it is from someone successful, I will.

thx for dropping by.