Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Planning for retirement

This is a blog I should have :

They have USD586k to start with ... which I do not at the moment.

But I shall start to plan on these ... and see I could retire by before 2020. Today is AUG 2016. Let's start to plan .. RM1mil without debt by 2020.

Gain 10 % per year dividend/interests/gains ... that should be able to see me retiring ... and do my charity-work once financially taken care of for my family.

Taken from their blog :

Possible upsides
  • Real estate: I’ll be jumping into the rental market soon and possibly even flipping more properties. From crunching the numbers, I feel that I can purchase rentals that will generate me significant income from the start. More on this later.

  • Stock market: The past four years have been pretty miserable. I do believe the next four will be better.
  • Side jobs: As a computer programmer, I often am able to get side jobs. Some come from friends, some come from and some are jobs I create, such as writing smart phone apps. More on this in a different blog.


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