Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Replying to comment

Unknown : keep doing what are you doing mr much of truth what have you been saying in your blog. the wealth creation is the process of wealth transferring from those impatient to those who are patient.

TEH : Thanks for dropping by and placed a comment here. Yes, I only treasure positive & motivating comments (selectively). Actually, I do not expose so many of things happening ... as I might be offending many and also stirring someone's rice-bowl, if you know what I mean. I m more concern about MANY ignorant .... so so many newbies and also those greedy ones will be badly burnt.

I m receiving more e-mails now sharing with them their stocks or portfolios ... but I seldom reply ... I will be glad if I could meet them personally and looking at things discretely.

Just trying to 'help' ... but I do realise I could only reach out to VERY small number of retailers ... before the crash will be here. MANY stuck inside ... quiet ... and do not dare to tell others. I should know ... I was total lost in 2008-crash ... without anyone helping me.

10.20pm : Watching DOW down 80points now.

There is a lot of truth about that highlighted quote ... PATIENCE.

While waiting ... what should I be doing?

I m not sitting idling not doing anything ... while waiting for the crash. I m meeting many traders and investors ... to share knowledge and experiences. I m re-reading fundamental-books ... and preparing to write my plans.

It is planned ... not random. It is about discipline which I m lacking. it is about PATIENCE ... which I do not have much. But ... for this last final battle, I have to be well-prepared.

I have lost so many battles ... in my 8 years, thick inside the battling grounds. I m accumulating experience and knowledge ... while waiting ...

#4 : Knowledge and Experience ... without these, we could never be able to capitalise on the crash. NO WAY ... as it is easier said than done. I have not written a post regarding my #4 pointers ... no hurry as it is not going to crash soon ... but a newbie needs THREE YEARS to understand basic fundamentals of what or how market works. If one is not watching or learning in daily basis ... THREE YEARS is too short ... even my daily 8 years still too short to understand.

So ... I do hope I m smart enough to maximise and profit from the coming crash.

Be patient .... very very patient as " the wealth creation is the process of wealth transferring from those impatient to those who are patient"



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