Friday, August 05, 2016

Learning to SELL

This clip is good.

IF we bought a WRONG stock (or instrument), we might be STUCK for 10years, at least.

If 20% below the peak, we will be in BEAR market.

So ... for KLCI, it the monthly chart showing below 1500 level, we are in bear market.

Currently we are at 1660 level.

Hu Li Yang is also long-term bearish ... our Tan Teng Boo also bearish for years.

There is always two sides : BULL or BEAR camps.

From 2009 recovery ... 2016 = 7yrs plus now. So ... I do not wish to take such RISK into markets. Trade is OK ... sell to take profit, sell to exit even with a loss.


I do know many who STUCK inside many stocks ... some of them holding to 10-20 stocks. Ever wonder why they do not bother about those stocks?

"No eye see" attitude. Sigh

We could not HELP these individuals ... they simply bought into some stocks due to hear-say (remisiers, sifu-guru calls, media, forums, relative, friends, so-called insiders etc etc) ... and STUCK. Seriously ... they will STUCK for more than 10 years till some delisted.

It is illogical as it seems. But ... unfortunately, many are in such situation (Reminder to all : I m giving a listening-ear service).

I could post at least 50 COMMON stocks that many stuck inside and could not see lights in coming YEARS ... some will NEVER.

This is IRIS .. those CHASING her up ... stuck. Those LONG time ago bought into her will understand that they will NEVER recover even after 10 years. Now it is at 14 cents. SAD case ... many aunties-uncles ... holding on to the paper-losses and then forget about it and ... and continue to BUY the NEXT stock! Amazing ignorant ...

Another example will ALWAYS in my mind : HWGB

HWGB : This is NOT Genting (I bought Genting today, not HWGB ... if one does not even know HW stands for what, they buy into it ... you have yourself to blame).

During September 2011 ... I started my cohort-1. Two incidences to share here.

BL : He was very new in stock-market and stuck inside HWGB around 40plus. During the sharp correction in AUG-2011, HWGB dropped more than 15% and he has huge paper-loss. I drove all the way to his work-place (Selayang then) to talk to him (now, it will be a service ... pay me per-hour basis, I will listen to your portfolio and share my opinions) ... and share with him how speculative HWGB is ... and bad fundamentals. He thanked me and sold off, cut-loss. Today, HWGB at 6-7cents ... if he did not SELL ... he will stuck for years and we could never see this counter during crisis.

SP : This is an uncle .. he wants me to analyse HWGB and I insisted not to help him and strong advised him not to trade ...and we ARGUED that night ... and I almost wanted to give-up teaching him!! He must have been desperate or lost a lot of money inside HWGB. sigh.

Now, do you know how difficult it is to talk to newbies OR aunties-uncles ... about trading or investment?

They DO NOT SELL ... listen to the clip above again. There is NO such thing as long-term investment now .... WAIT for crash, prepare then BUY-HOLD for long term.

Listen to the clip ren-cai ... stocks meant for NON-normal people. Listen to 5.30 minute, CASH IS KING.

Time to go ...


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