Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Friendship day ...

9.45pm : Merdeka day ... tiring but fulfilling.

Gathering with old-KB classmates ... we knew each other since primary till form, at least.

Such a great day, I would say!! Hope we would gather more often.

When you are nearing your 50s ... friends becoming very significant. Those many I knew thru trading/investing ... most are not real friends. REAL friends are those who will stay with you, meet and share with you ... about LIFE. Without ulterior motives ...

So ... HEALTH is important ... family too as most of us still have schooling-kids. Few housewives and hubbies doing well ... few still working or running some biz ... as for me, I started VERY LATE (at age 40) and have to work doubly hard. I know I will retire soon ... and will ask them out more often ... to re=kindle the friendships. Thanks to internet and technology, we met after 30 plus years!!

Coffee-dinner dates with them will be great ... or games together, a trip to somewhere. That is what I would love to explore ... when I retired.


Things that meant a lot to many of us when we are retiring ... it would not be complete with any of them. We cant fully enjoy ourselves without the HEALTH ... and the financial freedom too. We needs love of our family, chatters with our friends ... and find interests to occupy our time.

I have so much of things I wanted to do ... after I retired from what I m currently doing --- living my lives to the fullest!!

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Time to rest ...



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