Sunday, August 28, 2016

e-meeting tonight : O&G and FLBHD

Sunday morning ... nice to bring family to park and play!!

I will be meeting 2 old UM coursemate(Math) ... didn't meet since graduated in 1990!! That is some 26yrs?? wow ... both of them in markets ... one (JC) is an experienced trader with his own trading-system (hope to listen and learn something new today) and another is (TK) new to KLSE (1.5yrs is newbie to me) ... and TK sent a 'comment' from forum (i3) regarding someone commented on my Perisai post. Haha ... I do not read forum and not interested to reply, either. TK is a from FA school ... he said.

Nope .... I do not have Perisai (don't assume leh, join my e-meeting for free ... come and talk in REAL with me rather than hiding in many nicks(fake) in forums.... haha) ... I m just stating how risky is to buy Perisai without cut-loss point!! It is meant for some who e-mail me and checking that they are stuck UP there ... can't help much as it might be too late to cut-loss? We buy with certain % of cut-loss (risk management). Learn that if wish to survive in market ... or else many stocks would not be able to recover to the so-called entry prices. I could name 50-100 stocks as they are in my mind (many in O&G ...) ... so, learn FA (fundamental analysis) to save ourselves from buying into 'lousy' goring-counters.

Here ... I m motivated to give another e-meeting, regarding FLBhd and learning to CUT LOSS. It is one of the most important pointer in my #1 CAPITAL PRESERVATION.

Please join my meeting, Sunday, 28 August, 2016 at 9:30 PM

Meeting ID: 821-765-725

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So, what is today's topic?

There are many ways to profit in stock-markets ... there are as many, if not more, ways to lose in stock-markets too.

So ... one could be 'lucky' to punt and profited well during bull-market but to lose ALL(and more) during crash. Scary? Do you want me to show you the chart of O&G (particularly Perisai, Alam, THHeavy ...Sumatec!!) ... how many holding to paper-loss of cut-loss?

Someone posted in the watsapp group that his friend bought FLBhd around RM2.50 and cut-loss RM1.60 recently!! I m used to hear such situation ... pity, they will quit and some will continue to lose money ... no thanks to their EGO (not willing to learn) and many QUIETLY buy into some recommendation in forums(too bad ... GREED in them, want things free ... such as tips).

So ... we could be profiting for BULL market ... few years ... only to be wipe-out in one or two BAD trades and do not know how to exit.

I will want to show CRASH tonight using O&G (crude oil prices too). Use that as an example ... NO, not many will TELL US RETAILERS about sell for losses ... have you realise that? Wonder why? I can candidly tell you that tonight ... as TRUTH hurt. Cover it, denial will not help, either.

Help others to earn money? REALLLLLLYY?? Haha.

This is my desktop ... I will try to help those wish to be helped (many will NOT want others help due to EGO ... etc etc). Why is that so? Because ... when a person appreciate you (out of 10 that you helped), you will feel GREAT. I don't know how to explain ... while some appreciated us but do not say it out ... and few will 'suspect' cynically our actions (to help), there will always ONE who appreciate our help ... to reach out. Simple ... when you help, you do not expect any returns?

There ... the reason i will NEVER go to forum to argue (since Lamken case about JCY) as I have grown up!! haha ...

I have many books to read, many people to meet ... and to analyse, to prepare for crash. I do not have TIME to reply to comments, e-mail and more.

So ... due to TIME limitation ... I will FOCUS in my own work, those good readers will continue to follow my doing ... those in my trading-group will continue to learn and see my trades. Nothing to hide? haha. I don't care about what others saying leh ... but IF you are the silent readers appreciating my sharing here ... a nice "Hi TEH ... I like you writing ..." will motivate me to write more or "Hi CP, thanks for the e-meeting, I learnt something tonight" will motivate me to have more e-meeting! See?? Still can't understand that there are good people ... there are bad humans?

This is my topic tonight ... O&G. hehe

This is what I want to do ... join him (Mr Chew) to contribute in our charity-deeds.

HELP others ... and you will be happier rather than criticise, envy about others ... the world needs positive vibes


If you wanna make the world a BETTER place ... take a lokk at yourself and make THAT change.

Time to bring family to IOICity Mall ... meet with my old friends (two of them)!!

Sharing a song here ... 曾經

See you online tonight.


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