Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chris Gardner : Pursuit of Happyness

It is Sat noon ... just back from tuition-classes (since morning). Wanting to write about what I have read this morning (O&G ... China).

I just watched this movie about Chris Gardner again (many times liao). Perhaps, I should be writing about these clips .. for motivational purposes rather than grinning on CUT LOSS again .. haha.

This is how he went to interview ... and succeeded. If I m going to interview a person, I m not interested to see their certs or how well they dressed. By the way, I know I will be employing someone ... someday.

Struggled ... and never give up. Never quit as quitters never win. Happy ending.

He asked the right-question ... and change his life ... in total!!

TWO QUESTIONS #1 : What do you do? and #2 : How do you do it?

These were questions I asked too ... in 2005 when I wanted to OPEN my mind to financial and change my 'struggling' situation ... how do they do it? Why am I in debt? WHY am I not getting anywhere ... financially, being a lecturer?

So ... I read RDPD ... that was 10years ago!! It said ... we have to re-learn and change our financial mindset (rich get richer ... now, I know well ... why!!). Move from E ... while doing S ... into B and I. So, I went into keropok-biz as it is B (so I thought). I failed ... ok, that was not the way how. Think of next ... how?

Went into KLSE in 2008 ... failed badly as market crashed. Ok ok ... so, it is not that way, either. Then, HOW?

HOW do they do it ... quit their job (E) and moved into biz(B) ... and successfully pulled it off? HOW?

My struggles started in 2005 after married. Now, after 11yrs ... looking back,i done so many mistakes, taken so much steps out of my own comfort zone ... the struggle, I would ALWAYS remember ... no one would want to be put in such situation, honest.

So ... the movie brought me to my knees ... as in 2007, I watched the movie(pirated as I can't afford an original DVD or watch in cinema ... serious). Watch the above compilation clip ... how it could still move me so much .. reminding me of my 2004-2011 years of struggle. I could not afford anything much, slept at the back of my parents-in-law small room ... trying to meet ends (and in huge debt as I earned not enough).

My stories are real ... as it is still planted in my head and my heart felt thankful as I m no longer in that extreme position, tho I m still struggling.

Until we are WANT SOMETHING bad enough ... we would not change or out-of-comfort-zone. It is true ... without my babies to feed, I don't think so I would have worked so so hard (and failed so many times!!)

Details :

My stories still playing ... in this blog, at the moment I m typing these lines ... some 'old' readers might know ... I have changed so much (financially too). One day ... I might ask someone to interview me (I gave 3 interviews before, actually but in 'smallest' scales) ... and perhaps, my stories could carry some significances to those STRUGGLING.

Do you know anyone in media ... who wants a good story, to inspire those readers? How I struggled for 6-7 years in daily basis (and still doing it 6-8 hours per day!!) ... anyone there?

Ok ... never mind. Remain un-known ... till I succeed ... one day. I want to retire ... and share my stories to all, especially teachers/lecturers ... and students too.

Listen to Chris Gardner himself ... and have a nice weekend.


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