Thursday, August 04, 2016

Am I a writer?

Thu night ... tired after whole day classes. Rest at mamak-shop for teh-tarik while sending bedsheet for monthly wash.

Guess what ... bring my pc ... to blog and watching markets.

1. You are a word hoarder

2. You love adventure

3. You love to read

4. You’d rather write it than say it

5. You know good writing when you see it

6. You observe and create stories about people

7.  You see every experience as a goldmine

8. You value your journals over shoes

9. You see writing as a form of therapy

10. You are curious about your environment

11. You love listening to your thoughts

12. You cherish every compliment

13. You believe you can be better

14. You magically launch into a writing frenzy

15. You never stop writing

Maybe I m a writer ... yes, a blogger but not a book author.

I like the FREEDOM ... the thoughts of writing my thoughts excite me!! I m not interested to write a book as it is STRUCTURED, PLANNED ... many authors write with their personal AGENDA ... not to sell books or not because they LIKE writing ... not for sharing thoughts or knowledge. Again, you need to know more authors to understand WHY those writing about FINANCIAL books ... they have their own agenda. They see it as 'credible' and ... craving their names, legacy etc etc ... so that they could be seen as 'sifu' as ... MANY of us THOUGHT authors SHOULD understand the subject thoroughly.

I still respect most of authors ... some of them are my friends now. But ... at least I knew better ... that is why I might NEVER write a book.

It is through books ... I gathered so much of knowledge ... it is through hours being in market that I gained experiences ... through blog I could collect my thoughts ...

so ... with 15 pointers which I have most of it ... I m a writer!!

Got to go ... night.


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