Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tough decisions

Morning ... DOW minus 77 points.

At the moment, I m going through some tough decision-making times ... don't know if I m making the 'right' ones .... left to be seen in coming 3-5 yrs.

To start with, I sold my KK's apartment last Dec ... that was a difficult decision, an emotional one ... but a must to clear.

Now ... I m needing to prepare more cash and decided to sell my current apartment. That will take some time for me to settle ... hopefully by mid of next year, things are done.

It has been 4 years I m using my current office ... and I m letting it go too. So, I will be busy selling items and hope to re-coup some cash too ...

How about stocks? well .... I have sold many stocks, cut-loss in those HKSE's stocks I bought and have to move on ... I have to preserve the capitals ... tying the loose-ends and knots.

In order to focus in making these decisions ... I decided not to add in any new events or activities. Yeah .... FOCUS ...

I will have to let go of my office ... as it is under-utilised and I want to save some money on the rentals.

I will want to sell off my apartment ... to get some cash in hand and discipline enough to save (into ASB) while waiting for the crash.

Letting it go ... selling is one of my pointers in "accumulating bullets". Sell ... and sell more. Selling anything that I could SELL ... including BOOKS.

Chairs for sale : I have 20 of these chairs in my office, for sale. Half-price, very good condition.

Banquet-tables : I have about 15 of these tables (120cm x 60cm) for sale.

No matter how tough the decision could be ... I know I have to move on. I simply need to get back into act before market-crashing down. So ... I will have to keep moving ... into my plans.

Yeah ... selling my apartment will affect my 'tenant' ... rented to a good friend.

Yeah ... closing off the office will affect many of the lecturers who are renting my place here and also my ToastMaster meeting place ... I have to reluctantly informing everyone about it.

Last Friday night ... I gave a book-sharing session to few who attended (the regulars) and told them about the importance of doing what others not doing ---- FAILING.

We should THINK positively that we CAN ... and continue to do what we need to do ... despite of may criticism as those criticising us do not see our points or finding faults in our doings due to their own lacking.

So ... as I have written out my plans ... of waiting to capture the market-crash, I have to keep moving and doing what needed .... despite going against many uncomfortable situations at the moment. It needs to be executed as planned .... I do not know how long will it takes for the crash to be here ... but I m certainly nervous ... and hope I will have enough 'time' to be there ... prepared.

Crash in 2016 ... they were yelling.

Crash in 2017 ... someone said it is certain.

Crash in 2018 ... many predicting the 10-yr cycle of market crash ...

Crash in 2019 and beyond ... have you heard of these? If not, then most probably it will only crash around 2020.

Whatever it is ... I need to carry on my plans ... so, have to stay focus ... stay strong.

Here is an article about things successful people do ... in daily basis. I could not be discipline enough to do many of them!!

This Thu ... I will have a coffee-date with a reader and Friday night, I will attend a market-talk.

Well ... sitting here, I m still wondering if these few decisions I made recently will do me good. Somehow, I knew I have to move on ... carry on my tasks.

Will write about applying for a job!! Any vacancies .... contact me.



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anonymax said...

any good books u want to sell?