Friday, July 08, 2016

Stock Watch : Bornoil

Bornoil : Breakout of channel, taken at 16cents and sold today 18.5cents, that is the resistance with RSI 79. Next resistance at 21.5 cents.

This is one hot-stocks, I think relating her to gold prices shooting and another gold-mining traded in SGX shooting for the sky. So ... with un-clear fact, I took her due to channel breakout. Don't wish to get too greedy. sold.

I m going to take a break from short-term and day-trading. FCPO gapped down and I lost that trade, quitting FCPO trading too. Day-time to focus in my tuition-biz ... position trade in stocks and only buy during that sharp correction (coming in AUG, I guess).

Burnout ... tired. Will be back once my new-tuition center up.

cohort-21 : I will be conducting a trading workshop next Sunday (one day workshop on basic charting). Those interested, do contact me. thanks


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