Saturday, July 09, 2016

Stock to watch

It is 3am ... I ter-woke up, checked on DOW30 which surging higher ... wow. incredible 260 points up, at 18160 ... will we be seeing new high on DOW?

A check on few of those popular stocks I used to trade

Myeg : Broken 20MA ... support 50MA at 1.83 level. Will watch but wont take as no buying signals.

PMetal : Breakout into new high and missed that entry point around RM3.40 ... now it closed at RM3.90 level.

Presbhd : Oversold ... time to take a look, for trading purposes.

TNLogis : Breakout of RM1.50 resistance this week ... will take the trade next week.

These stocks are still in my trading-list ... and guess it will be good time to look into them again.

There are many more ... will check on them but to focus only TWO.

Have a nice weekend.


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