Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Stock Alert : FLBhd and VS

FLBhd : Since broken RM2 which I have highlighted ... it went lower and at RM1.70 level now.

I guess many are TRAPPED inside her ... and I will say again " CUT LOSS once the strong support broken" OR put certain % of losses we could incur when we are trading.

VS : If the stock-price going below RM1.10 ... it is time to SELL as that is the strong support and we should NOT hold or average it down.

For hot-stocks that appreciated some few hundreds % ... we could trade her during the UPTREND and by placing a trailing stop, we could PROTECT our profits and manage to get OUT of the stocks 'safely' ... rather than falling in love with stocks.

Note : I traded both well last year when the trend is there .... but asked all my members to exit the sector last year Dec ... as it is over-played.

This is not a buy-sell call ... just stating the support level, technically speaking. In trading or investing, we have to be active to take responsiblities of our trades.

coffee-date : Going for my coffee-date with another experienced investor.


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