Thursday, July 07, 2016

Raya Day 2 blah-blah

Today is an off day ... from markets.

Woke up 5.30am (with alarm-clock, of coz) ... went for short exercise and studied the "PE Ratio" part. Recalled what is called forwarded-PE as many target-price given are based on forwarded PE.

By 7am ... I m readied to go to office, a tuition class at 8am ... then, clearing my store-room. Finally, I m 'giving up' the SJ-nest as I m shifting to Sunway .... soon. Got my haircut and home to bring kids for their weekly swim.

At 3pm, another tea-time with few tratles ... and we chat till 7pm.

Home ... was checking on surging DOW30 ... and still cant think of WHY there will be a crash?? Even if there is, I cant see how KLCI will be badly bruised. At 1650 level now ... how low could we go? 1200? 1000? .... it is very unlike to go below 1000.

Use the peak 1900 divide by 2 = 950 ... for KLCI?

How about DOW30? Hmm .... 18400 divides 2 = 9200 level. Possible?

Anyway, it is always better be prepared than be sorry. One thing for sure ... it is easier said than done.

SELL before crash and BUY during recovery.

Majority of them could not escape or sell ... before crash. Many still holding IPOs at high such as AAX, FGV, UMWOG etc etc.

Many will not buy during recovery, either. Ever wonder WHY? While most of us knew that we SHOULD cut-loss when stocks drop and hit our cut-loss level (many do not even have plans when they bought) ... and almost everyone in markets knew that we should be BUYING during the crash, most will not and will NEVER be able to execute.

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