Monday, July 04, 2016

Pre-raya rally

3.30pm : FCPO gap up today, giving us a BUY signal. FKLI up 16points high ... BULLISH, right?

Trive (ex-Etitech) : Solar-power goring panas-panas?

No really trading ... busy in morning, went jalan-jalan at Paradigm Mall (WCT in mind), went to AMBank ... and M+ (to withdraw funds, consolidate all ... and wait for crash).

At M+, I spoken to a young dealer ... he is with M+ for less than a year. He told me ... no crash. Next year also wont crash as 'election is possible' in card ... so, I said I will look for him during crash as I will want to know his opinion as he is new in markets.

Will be seeing and meeting more people who are watching markets ... or those experienced one who witnessed and went thru the crash.

Time for a nap.


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