Monday, July 18, 2016

Penny in play?

Morning ... I did not blog over the weekend ... Saturday was going-out with family day and Sunday was my trading-workshop day. Fulfilling ... but tired. Haha.

DOW going to new high ... FKLI at 1673 at the moment.

Written in The Edge over the weekend ... seems that they are going to goreng some pennies now.

Bornoil : After UMA (you must add), I m still waiting for retracement which ... due to good market sentiment, hardly retrace lower.

BJCorp : Another popular hot-stocks which might be used to goreng ...

or perhaps ... the ever popular KNM?

Buy KNM at 40cents ... and wait for goreng-news coming up?

Nestle at new high RM80 ... so, those so-called expensive one cannot fly? Looking into fundamentals and into dividend-defensive play making senses during uncertain times, right?

Time to rest ... after a tiring weekend. Will like to read a book and have a walk.

Have a nice week ahead.


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