Saturday, July 09, 2016


Alam : Where is the low now? 30cents?

Armada : AK's counter ...

Coastal :

Dayang : Support at RM1.

Deleum :

Note : Dialog does not up much, so didn't dive much either.

KNM : At strong support of 40cents, technically ... we could buy around 40cents, but MUST cut-loss if going below 39cents. Game for it? I still remember in i3 by a name YungShen1 ... asking them not to HOPE that KNM will go back to their cost price. Don't really know the stories now ...

MHB : Used to be index-linked ... well ... Petronas cut their capex effect?

Perisai : Not shielding anymore as it searching for new low ... this one TRAPPED MANY retailers inside ... and to breakeven by averaging down is strongly un-advisable.

SKPetrol : Not being spared ... but still listed in KLCI. A good trading stock, in my opinion. But ... trade with a CUT-LOSS is a must.

THHeavy : ex-Ramunia ... game is over for this counter. Possible to be de-listed?

UMWOG : Way below IPO ... and may not see that level for years to come ... when whole sector bullish again?

WaSeong : Low ... getting lower ...

Note : Yinson is another O&G related counter which did not drop 'much'. I also do not know why Daya or Pantech being related to O&G?

I may have missed few more ... but as I m not tracking O&G stocks much .. only looking at SKPetrol as leader ...

Sorry if anyone still holding any of the stocks above. Being investors ... or traders ... we do place CUT LOSS. Practice that ... learnt that lesson, and move on to be wiser.

Wait ... crude-oil rebounded to USD40 plus, recently hit slightly above USD50. But .. most of the counters above at LOW? And we still not in market-crash YET?


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