Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday bull ...

Monday morning ... Portugal won. I didn't watch the match ... slept around 12plus, after the book-sharing session. It was a good revision for me while sharing with a group traders/investors alike. I like it ... these book-sharing session ... so, I will plan to have more of these, to educate 'public' and retailers.

FKLI gap up 10points ... bull starts to run as S&P and DOW going into new high ... no more fear of Brexit and yeah ... gogogo-group will be coming back. More retailers might jump back into markets ... are we in bear rally or bull run?

As I m giving the current rebound a skip, I m still free to write ... free to read more books(especially fundamental-analysis books) ... free to exercise(waking up 5.30am) ... free to focus in my tasks with my new center coming up!

TO-DO-LIST : I started to use those list ... re-cycled my old used management-diary, and write down many of things I needed to do ... including writing this blog. Needing to get many things back into the path ... and CHANGE the path ... focus in eliminating those things to be done. JUST do it attitude in place again.

9.20 am : KLCI at 1652 level, plus 8 points.

Breakout in play : Missed PMetal and GKent breakout recently. So ... I moving in for TNLogis breakout instead, while waiting for another breakout in making. Focus only in 1-2 stocks at a time, do well in that.

Bornoil : Sold at 18.5 cents last Friday ... hitting 19.5 today.

Ok .. need to go to income tax-dept again ... to settle my un-finished issues.

Have a nice bull-day ...


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