Monday, July 25, 2016

Hot Stock : TH-Light

Monday morning ... good morning.

KLCI green ... no more Brexit fear, no more 1MDB news to create the fear ... 1USD = MYR4.07

Gadang hitting resistance after running up like crazy due to good-reports news. Sell ... or wait for breakout.

THHeavy : The crazy fella shot to 14-15 cents now ... haha ... see the two pieces of news ... one was in The Star .. another The Edge ... helping the stocks to recover? TH = tabung haji ... the operator?

KLCI at 1662 level ... DOW going into BULL rally ... so, I still feel we should BUY into US rather than KL.

As I have sold most of my stocks, I am not chasing any ... just wait for the correction to be here. In the mean time, more time to READ about fundamentals and trading strategies, while listening to clips ... about investing-trading.

We do not need to be active to trade in daily basis. We have to let-it-go ... and to clear our mind.

Wait for opportunities.

Time to go to gym and a dip into the swimming pool.


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