Sunday, July 03, 2016

Financial @ KLSE (part II)

I have shown the charts of banking@KLSE ... as this is an indicator I m using to see any further potential cracks in markets.

Note : I do still like CIMB and bought at 4.22 during Brexit ... unfortunately, sold off a bit. I hv cleared all the stocks to close accounts (end-june). So ... if I have to choose, I will trade CIMB .. the lower risk would be Maybank.

During my market-talk yesterday (will write more about that), I shown banking stocks of US. This is early sign of 'crash' a head ... so, do be wary. Note that I listened to many great experienced investors. They shared with me their experiences ... one of them, CHECK BANKING stocks.

Affin : Dropped 40% from the peak.

AeonCr : Rebounded well ... still 20% plus below the peak.

HLFG : Very resilient too .. dropped only 10% at the moment. HLBank is also very stable ... sideway.

MBSB : Dropped more than 50%, right-issue@RM1. Will trade her next week.

RHBCap : Dropped 40% from the peak. Merger with CIMB deal collapsed.

Will have to go out for teh-tarik and continue with more banking&finance stocks analysis.


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