Monday, July 04, 2016

Finance-sector @ KLSE

Continuing for the banking&finance stocks traded in KLSE

AFG : Ranging from RM3 to RM5 .. we at middle-price of RM4 level. Not so bad with around 20% drop from peak.

Allianz : Dropped 20% plus from the peak ... nicely nearing to support. Can take the trade, with cut-loss below RM9.70. A good risk-reward ratio here.

BIMB : Bought during that strong hammer (refer to previous postings on BIMB ---key-in, search "BIMB") ... rebounded and only 10% below the peak now. I will not take.

Bursa : If KLSE is to crash, this is one good to catch ... afterall, their earnings will jump-lompat once market is bullish again. At the moment, the uptrend in-tact. Breakout of RM9?

From previous knowledge I acquired, we should buy the INDICES when market crash ... as in long-run , all indices will recover and move higher to new high. "BAD" companies will be replaced ... and the indices will be doing ... always good. So ... buy ETF related to indices, get it?

LPI : A good dividend counter (arm of PBBank) ... strong up trend into new high, reaching for RM16 now. Ride on the trend.

Takaful : One of strongest uptrend stock, listing under 'finance' ... there are many more insurance-investment companies traded.

Ending my posts on few selected ones listed in finance-sector with finance index.

Finance-index dropped 18% from the peak at the moment. Technically, it is a BUY into FINANCE sector for trading purposes.

Trade at own risk.



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