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Change our beliefs, change our lives

Weekend article to read and comment

Beliefs represent the acceptance of something without any proof to back up what we accept as fact. They are inherited unconscious programming.

TEH : I was inheriting MANY incorrect financial mindset, unconsciously all my living life ... until some 10 years ... I read RDPD and make that determination to CHANGE.

In my five-year Rich Habits study of 233 rich people and 128 poor people (you can see the criteria for each on my website), I discovered that your beliefs dictate your circumstances in life. Those who are wealthy have different beliefs than those who are poor or stuck in the middle class.

TEH : Yes ... my limitation in my financial mindset TIED me to poverty and I was in huge debt back then ... some 10years ago, I cant even face the world.

We adopt the beliefs of our parents, family, mentors, culture, and environment (our neighborhood, town, city, state, and country). Most who were raised in poverty inherited limiting beliefs that hold them back in life. Those who are able to rise from poverty and become wealthy found mentors who possessed success beliefs or employed certain strategies that enabled them to remove their limiting beliefs and implant success beliefs, effectively re-programming their entire belief system.

TEH : I grew up "orphaned", taken care by my grandma and aunts ... we were not really poor but living below average. I was OK with that ... till 10years ago when I got married and with babies. I was struggling financially and could not get out of the circle. I did not find any mentors ... I read BOOKS ... lots of it and determined to change my mindset. Such articles will be still a good to read, to keep myself motivated. I will continue to program myself to be a SUCCESS ... in investing/trading or business-ventures.

The wealthy adopt certain beliefs that promote success:
  • I must read to learn.
  • I am responsible for the circumstances of my life.
  • Money and wealth are good.
  • There is an abundance of money and wealth to go around.
  • Anyone has the ability to become wealthy. I can become wealthy.
  • I can solve any problem.
  • I can overcome any obstacle.  
  • I create my own luck.
  • Opportunities are everywhere.
  • Opportunity does not knock. I have to go out and find it and take action.
  • I must earn respect.
  • Failure is just another way to learn.
  • Failure is the stepping stone to success.
  • Risk is good when it is calculated risk.
  • There is good debt and bad debt.
  • No one succeeds on their own. I can only succeed if I surround myself with other success-minded people.
  • I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.
  • Time is the most valuable resource. I must make efficient use of my time. Wasting it is a crime.
  • Birds of a feather flock together. I will avoid toxic people and surround myself with success-minded people.
  • Dreams and goals are the rungs on the ladder of success.
  • If I help others succeed, I will succeed.
  • If I improve the lives of others, I will improve my life.
  • Always exceed the expectations of others.
  • I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.
  • Never quit on a dream.
  • Success takes time.
  • I must save more than I earn and invest my savings in my dreams and goals.
  • I am amazing and unstoppable
If you want to succeed in life, if you want to become rich, you need to understand the beliefs you currently have and then do some surgery. For a week, write down in a notepad every belief that pops in your head. This belief awareness exercise enables you to isolate any limiting beliefs that are likely holding you back in life. Once you’ve identified those limiting beliefs, then it’s time to remove them and add the beliefs that will enable you to become rich and successful.

TEH : I done my major surgeries some 10years ago ... and still doing that!! Ok, will start to write down my BELIEFs and TO DO LIST ... seeing if I have swayed from my goals ... and re-direct myself to the path of my goal. I will do whatever it takes to be a success ... and my success will be shared with all those helped me and supported me. You may say that I m one crazy-insane determined person ... but I have read enough to know that many successful people WORKED and FAILED ... they dare to take RISK and get themselves HURT ... move-on.

For trading, I have 8-long years behind me ... and waiting for that CRASH moment ... just few more years to go, and I can wait. That is the moment when we could gain hugely, if you know how to capitalise on it.

In the mean time, while waiting ... and reducing my trading ... I have managed to find a space near Sunway College to open my second center!! Will spend more time to promote the center and reach out to Sunway A-level students.

Remove that LIMITING financial mindset is the first step we move from E-S to B-I.

I am a living example at the moment ... and I m still waiting for THAT huge crash to tell stories, one day.

So, how do you remove limiting beliefs and implant success beliefs?
Your existing beliefs were formed over many years. It takes time to re-program you belief system. How long? At least one year of dedicated effort. But that one-year investment will pay you dividends for the rest of your life. Your future self will thank you.

TEH : It took me some 4-5 years to re-program my belief system ... yeah, it took TIME ... lots of determination and TIME.

I will leave the page here ... for anyone out there, to reflect and be inspired. Nothing comes easy, no one is going to do the CHANGE for us. It is up to us ...

I took my journey ... left E-quadrant 2 years ago to open my 1st tuition center, and now opening the 2nd one. Also ... yes, in few more years ... I will leave the S-quadrant (giving tuition) after capitalise from the market-crash ... and will be dedicating my life into my charity. Have you read about how I left the E-quadrant? Have you read about my goal ... of opening my own charity-organisation?

Without these goals ... we could not sustain the motivation!!

Thanks for reading ... and I will write more on my journey ... and trading adventure!!


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