Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bornoil : UMA

Reading the link this morning, I noticed the UMA on Bornoil ... just a formality to warn investors/traders.


So, as I sold off at 18.5cents, I parked to buyback at 16cents, can?

Yesterday flashing black candle ... with huge volume. Some distributions going on after they accumulated around 14-15 cents. Those RUSHING in to buy yesterday might need to worry but the stories (of gold-mining?) is far from over ... these is speculative in nature. Understanding that ... with UMA issued (for us to ADD) ... the exciting goring-time just begin ...

welcome to Bursa Malaysia ... where news could be used to push stocks, where followers will throw away logic and follow blindly ... where runners happily getting fat-commissions from the operators ... and where few operators trying to out-do each other ...

and ... we ikan-bilis will be trapped between some sharks' mouths.

Strong advice is to read Mr KM Ho's books on fundamental analysis (for newbies). Being new in markets and being greedy ... you will be trashed and would not recover. Learnt my lessons well ... and took a hit-run ... don't add misery to our portfolios, ok?

One does not need much knowledge to know this is IN PLAY ... but we need to know how to play, don't play-play.

Note : Either we trade or invest. Playing is prohibited in Bursa's casino. One will be burnt.


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asif barkhiya said...

i m newbies.i watch the earning last year for bornoil compared to this 4Q result is in gain by billions. doesnt that make count for this counter to make money