Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Be contrarian

Morning ... yesterday night I listened to HuLiYang's clips ... and there is another gem about "Being Contrarian"

If you trade often, frequent ... in-out, 9 out of 10 will lose money.

We need to do whatever majority not doing ... when 9/10 of them buying stocks, it is time to sell and when 9/10 of them saying do not buy stocks, it is time to buy.

Let me give an example of MAXIS ... I bought at that two highlighted level ... that is contrarian-brain in work. It is difficult as majority do not dare to buy ... news of the 'spectrum' etc etc .. the whole telco-sector down ... Digi and Axiata too. Those were the time I like these ... but now, since I sold off(too early, tho), I dislike.

How many times do we have the time to buy BAT 'cheaply'? I bought at the highlighted level (around RM41) ... and sold WAY too early. Sigh.

I m learning to be CONTRARIAN and I believe the only way to profit hugely from market is to do the opposite.

IFCA is one of the most popular stock ... in 2015. EVERYONE in KLSE got to know about her stories ... pushed up to RM1.70 level and riding up all the way ... and if the person got very greedy and did not exit, now, it is VERY difficult to get out.

Today ... the hot one is ViVocom ... the story of China-construction.

If Vivocom breaks 22cents, more downside .... and unfortunately, MANY retailers will STUCK inside her ... take that as lesson and start to LEARN. Stock-market is the place where many being 'suck' inside.

To earn huge-profit, we need to LEARN.

Then ... be very patient ... THINK rationally and logically. Trying to do the OPPOSITE of the majority. Make it a HABIT to do what others NOT doing.

I have listened to this clip for 10-20 times ... and will make it a habit to listen once a week till market-crash, taking this as part of the preparation of crash.

Yes ... to watch BIG SHORT again and again ... and to remind myself.

Join my trading group ... and one will see how I m preparing myself to face the coming 'crash'. I have not much time to prepare ...

Selamat Hari Raya ... to all muslim readers and friends.


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