Monday, July 04, 2016

Banking Stocks @ US

KLCI resistance at 1660 (RSI at 57.4 now) ... thin volume due to raya-holiday ... half day tmr and off two days!

Recently, I have been writing about 'market crash' ... well, I m just preparing. I am not stating it is crashing, did I?

Crash of financial markets is not un-common ... after all the craziness such as dot-com bubble or subprime crisis ... and more recent was last year, China market went berserk! haha. Question is ... are we ready to capitalise from those crisis?

Some called in crisis investing ... where we will wait till those 'opportunities' arise .. and could greatly benefit us.

So ... as world financial and governments are in chaos ... there is opportunity for those well-prepared.

One piece of great advice from Mr Koon Yew Yin (well-known as KYY by forummers) was planted in my mind ... ARE YOU PREPARED when the opportunities in front of you? That was about 2-3 yrs ago when I visited him at his home for dinner ... he invited about 20 of us. Yeah ... I will like to visit Mr Koon again for such advices ... what we should be doing in our preparations for such 'crashes'?

Let us check few of the financial-stocks in US.

US Banking Stocks

Bank of America : Dropped 25% from the peak.

Citigroup : Dropped 30% from the peak.

Goldman Sach : Dropped 30% from the peak.

JP Morgan : The most resilient ... only dropped 10%

Morgan Stanley : Dropped 35% from the peak

The charts do not lie, right? Tell me if these banks in uptrend of downtrend? Then ... THINK of the coming impact.


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