Friday, July 01, 2016

1st JULY ... second half of 2016

Morning to ANOTHER 235points gain in DOW. Congrats ... we are back to 'normal' after Brexit knee-jerk ... an opportunity to buy (I skipped this rebound and not chasing).

It is a 'cruel' game ... where we sold/cut-loss ... and it rebounds higher. Perhaps we should reduce our trading ... while I do not agree to total 'stop'. Reduce ... the position size, the number of stocks ... and time frame too. Preserve capital ...

Be patient.


Wednesday night : A coffee-date with a friend who are into property-investment. He was guiding me on how I could re-finance my current apartment, rather than selling it off for some cash (I need it to buy into stocks when market crash) ... it is part of my market-crash preparation. Great idea generated from the meet ... glad he took the 'trouble' to travel from Klang just to guide me ... thanks.

Thursday night : Attended a biz-talk .... this one is good and more logical. Paying bills ... save from paying bills and introduce friends to save their utilities-bills. I am considering to buy a package ... try it out, if valid ... promote to all.

Tonight I m free ... anyone wish to meet up?

Sat 2pm : Tmr market-talk about preparation of market crash. Join me if you are free.

It has been exactly TWO years I quit my full-time teaching job ...

What have I done right ... or wrong ... during this looong two years? Time to reflect on that.

Time to get my butt kicking again ... and moving away from monitoring markets. Need to do promotion about my up-coming e-learning soon ... planning for a 'video-clip' but have not been doing that YET.

Have a nice trading day


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