Thursday, July 21, 2016

1MDB in news : Bad for markets

Morning ... waking up to see news about 1MDB splashing on my FB's wall ... I do not read about politics anymore as it will be depressing me further ... enough of bad-comments on our country.

On the positive note ... DOW going into new high, yet again to close at 18695.03 level. Congrats ... we are in bull-rally ... breakout from recent high of 18350 level.

KLCI is not going into new high? Why? The 1MDB news still haunting our markets ... and MYR. But ... we are well-supported ... any selling will see local funds to support that selling. So ... we are not worry YET?

Selling and reducing our positions is one of decisions we could make. Diverse away from MYR too.

Facing reality, Malaysia is going down-hill from here ... brace ourselves. It is saddening me to see the poor state of our country. I will still stay in Malaysia ... and always will. But ... financially, we need to be in good state to sustain ... locally.

Time to watch market opening.

Do read more about 1MDB ... as the stories unfold. I m not interested to know further ...


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