Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tips #1 : CUTLOSS

Morning ... in the midst of preparation of market-crash ... I have reminded many to observe strictly to the cut-loss point.

For example : CUT LOSS of SKPetrol once RM1.35 broken.

Easier said than done.

That is also why we need a platform where we could key-in our cut-loss point. So far, RHB is the only platform providing the mechanical cut-loss feature. If you wish to open an a/c with RHB, I could recommend you my remisier. Sms me your number (to my 012 821 0129) and I will forward your number to him. Because he is a good remisier, I m sticking to him ... I will have an e-meeting to show all how to put CUT-LOSS using RHB platform. If there is any other platform with such feature, do inform me too. Thanks

Note : My remisier might not be reading this ... but hey, I will claim coffee from him later. haha.

MBSB : Without a cut-loss ... we will be long term 'investors' ... accidental investor, we called it.

MBSB-wa : At least the mommy MBSB will not expires and recently distributed 3cents dividend before ex-rights. This is warrant ... it expired. If we are holding on to it at RM2 ... or RM1.50 ... or RM1 ... or even at 50cents, it died at 22cents.

LESSON : DO PUT CUT-LOSS (SELL) each time we are trading. We are to PLAN before we click the BUY tab. Unless if we are investing ... then, we will buy in stages.

There are few ways we could cut-loss ... one of the more simpler one is below 5%-10% losses, clear it off. Putting a magnitude ... rather than support-level is OK ... at least we are OUT with the amount of losses that we could manage.

Say you bought Parkson or DRBHcom or Armada or ... at RM1 support level. Then, we have to cut-loss if the SUPPORT broken. This is another way of cut-loss. But, it is a MUST.

Parkson : When RM1 support broken ... it became a strong resistance now(a selling point). At 82cents now ... we could not see Parkson to be traded at RM5 for a loooooong loooong time.

Parkson : If we bought at RM3 ... without a cut-loss ... we have became an accidental investor.

It does not make me comfortable speaking TRUTH here ... but it is a MUST to tell all, no matter how PAINFUL lesson we are learning here, it is much needed.

Market is far from crash ... yet, our funds STUCK up there ... with NO light to see it recovering. HOPE is the last thing we want to include in our analysis (HA = Hope Analysis).

I am planning for a 'free' (one needs to pay RM20 for my Raya-charity funds) market-talk on CUT-LOSS ... and share with those interested some of my ideas of preparation of market-crash.

Perhaps ... this Saturday noon? Let me plan my time first ... yes, even ONE person attends, I will continue. haha.

Market is opening ... RED


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