Thursday, June 30, 2016

Reply to recent comments

Edmund : I have learned from some traders that correction is coming and companies are rushing to complete the rights issue or else can't get some from shareholders. It is happening now and will see how market response in near future.

TEH : Yes Edmund ... we are seeing that and IPOs too!! Watch that and alert others. Thanks for commenting. You are the first after months no comment here. haha.

Edmund : I find your blog at Tradesignum. Have bookmarks your blog for regular updated analysis and comments.Have you follow the right issue for MBSB?  What is your view? I see that it will go as low as RM0.59 due to market sentiment

TEH : I was 'hanging' around Tradesignum-forum some 5yrs ago ... then, moved to i3 a year later but exited i3-forums some 3yrs ago. So .. I m not sure what are discussed there ... tradesignum is a good portal and I do always still share with many. Yes, I do follow MBSB right-issues .... I do not have positive views on it, and trading at bottom 70cents at the moment ... with MBSB-or trading around 10cents. Do the Math.

Edmund : Yes. The new low is forming and could go down to RM0.59 but just a prediction. It happen to Mulpha and Prelexus. Seat back and wait for new low to make decision.

TEH : We shall see the low for MBSB ... I m never good in prediction. Didn't check Mulpha or Prelexus right-issues, tho.

Edmund : See the social forum in i3investor,
Some of them going to get trap. Please advice and thank you. PenguinDad

TEH : Hi Edmund ... thanks for commenting. No ... I do not check i3-forum for some years ago. And if they wish to comment, do come here. Glad to 'entertain'

Edmund : Ok. There are a lot of right issues announcement and companies are trying to complete right issue and anticipate the worse time coming. Get money from shareholder first in case later need would find it difficult. The blackstone report is interesting. Thank you.

TEH : Yup ... same frequency here ... I do think those right-issues are to cushion many companies' account ... or to pare-down their debts, whichever way ... sign of bad times ahead. Welcome on the blackstone report.

cs : I think it is important to trade and practise during bear market.

It is a perfect time to train and do research and trade and control emotion and greed.

Market crash is perfect time to enter. I suffered big loss before the subprime, luckily I was just 3 months into trading and I was glad I learnt my lesson at early stage. After the crash, everyone was "Stock king" because during the recovery any share you will make 100-200% if you can stay long.

I simply wish people learn the basic, FA, TA. Buy simple company that we can understand and not simply follow Bloggers. ( I learnt the hard way)
TEH : Thanks for such a good comment, cs. Yes .. we are in the similar frequency here .... MUST LEARN NOW to trade rather than quit. In bull-markets, EVERYONE is sifu/guru ... but slowly, you are seeing those sifu/guru disappearing or changing nicks ... simply because it is BEARISH now ... and you may noticed that I m NOISIER now, if you have followed my writing here. Basically, I m a contrarian ... when things are 'good', everyone could claim many things ... success comes on HOW we handle our DOWN times. Yes ... that is why ... more reasons for me trying to reach out to teach TRADING more ... during crash, I will be sharing about FA instead.

Combine both ... we could capitalise on the market-crash, rather than being victims!! Stay in touch with me as we riding it down ...

Edmund : This is a good speech. I have download the speech to share it with my boy.
Hope to benefit him once in the real world. Thank you for sharing.

TEH : Welcome. My pleasure to share ... my failures might not of her magnitude, but that is still one very good speech on failures!!

Edmund : Hi, Me again. There might be more to come. US presidential election might happen in the same way. See next few days whether donald trump say anything about brexit.

TEH : Hi ... haha. Donald Trump. haha. Watch for election then.

anonymax : nice article mr too, are working towards being a millionaire, though im not sure when, how, and will i ever be one

TEH : Great to know you like it ... yes, keep working for it. You will if you think you can.

TEH : Asiabrn = HingYap ... yes yes ... forgotten. Thanks

TEH : Edmund ... I do not know when is the crash. NO ONE knows la ...

Ok ... guess I replied most of the comments, especially the regular Edmund.



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cs said...

It is glad to see some feedback. Last week during Brexit, I learnt to cutloss. It was very effective and I am glad that I exited with minimum damage and manage to find some good bargain to make the losses. Same thing with MAB (AIRPORT) after the Turkey attack. I find that most in the forum are still treating this like a bull market.