Thursday, June 16, 2016

Red Alert : MBSB

This is MBSB ... due to technical, I bought into here ... but then, announcement of rights at RM1, I cut-loss small the next day ... back to low RM1.10 this morning.

Once RM1.10 broken .... we shall see new low. Yes ... cut-loss is the rule of the game in 2016 onwards. Do not apply HOPE in trading or expecting the company to turn-around fundamentally.

Trade at OWN risk.



Edmund said...

Yes. The new low is forming and could go down to RM0.59 but just a prediction. It happen to Mulpha and Prelexus.

Seat back and wait for new low to make decision.

Edmund said...

See the social forum in i3investor,

Some of them going to get trap. Please advice and thank you.


CP said...

Hi Edmund ... thanks for commenting.

No ... I do not check i3-forum for some years ago. And if they wish to comment, do come here. Glad to 'entertain'.


Edmund said...

There are a lot of right issues announcement and companies are trying to complete right issue and anticipate the worse time coming. Get money from shareholder first in case later need would find it difficult.

The blackstone report is interesting. Thank you.