Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pump-n-Dump : Stages

Morning ... we are taking a break from KLSE today ... but I will still be trading DOW after 2pm later when it activated.

Since I am free today, I will write a post about PUMP and DUMP. This is for newbies who got trapped into these goring stocks. Strong advise is ... DO NOT TOUCH these stocks. If one needs to be greedy, you will NOT survive in long run. Trust me, I have been there. Haha.

I am going to use the PUMPed ... and DUMPed Aturmaju (Comcorp still have few rounds to go)

Aturmaju  (code 7181) : Click on the chart above to ENLARGE.

Stage 1 : Huge volumes of sudden ... activated to be in one of the MOST actively trade counter and announcement to traders ... I am here. Do notice me. It was a sign of MARK UP of stage one, and if we are aware, we could TAKE the trade. Pushed up 70% for the time being(one month Jan2016) ... that will create interest in many traders ... especially retailers. INI KALI LAH ....

Stage 2 : A pullback of 20% for 2 weeks ... killed few weak ones to collect more at lower price ... must make more noises in forums, media ... and/or employ some runners!! Make sure it has great coverage .... make sure those in social-media(facebook, blogs, telegram, watsapp etc etc ... tweet it) ...

Stage 3 : Another huge volumes detected ... round 2 coming ... this time from 80cents to RM1.60 ... doubled our money!! I told you so ... coming out from many in forums (i3, investlah etc) ... everyone talking about ATURMAJU (silly me ... I was NOT aware since Jan2016 ... till recently when someone in my trading group told me to watch diving ... just like Comcorp yesterday). Anyway, stage 3 lasted till end of April.

Stage 4 : Enough of the game ... lets DUMP ... almost vertically down from RM1.60 to below 80cents in A WEEK. Incredible nice to watch ... but I have seen so many of these (for being in market everyday in 8 years, these are common show for us).

Stage 5 : Rebounded 60% for this stage at current level ... game is over? Consolidating with low volume. No buying-selling. Retailers suck inside. It could drifting lower ... as many try to sell but without buying volume, it could be difficult to sell if we have huge position inside these non-liquid(no longer as operators exited).

Stage 6 : Left to be seen if they are pushing for last round of distribution and letting those greedy retailers to average down (and trap inside more). Otherwise it will drift lower and lower ... till the base around 60cents level and ... volume will dry-off from there ... and we might nit hear of Aturmaju for loooong time.

Remember IFCA? Anyone remember the glamorous Sumatec?

Sumatec : NOTHING to do with the O&G in Kyrgyzstan ... I don't even know how to spell the country name ... perhaps we should know who Halim is ... today, Sumatec drifting lower after the operators left? Hoping for stage 6?

IFCA : Hmm ... RM1.70 to current 50cents ... drifting lower. Those good and experienced traders ride her up from 50cents to Rm1.50, perhaps ... and exited. Those without CUT LOSS traders stuck somewhere up there ... and could NOT escape the killing.

I shall leave here ... with a note. Do understand that these are for trading, not to buy-hold. Take your profit and run.

This is BIG ... do you get the BIGGER picture ... how stocks being operated?

Have a nice off-day.


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