Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Father's Day

Sunday night ... time to rest and writing a post about today, Father's Day.

I shall begin with my morning trip to Ci-Hang (Kg Subang), organised my 1M1C group. I just tagged along ... bought items from Econsave nearby, donated some items. I brought my family along as I do want my kids to be 'exposed' to these homes (orphanages, old folks homes, OKU centers and such).

Rumah Bakti Ci Hang : Officiated by Ong-Ka-Ting. Chinese-old-folks center for the unmarried or no kids, physically able and above 65 years old.

This is Mr Chew ... who is the main person of organising charitable events ... and this is the second time I tagged along with him.

For more information, those interested :

I was a good short trip ... with my family. Normally, I will be going alone as I have to work(kuli), with the car loaded with items and could not take care of my kids ... but today I knew it is for small scale ... and besides, I m just helping with few items (such as cooking oil, canned food).

So ... what are my motives for going to many charitable homes? Besides, I m doing a good deed?

It is towards my personal goal .... yes, I want to form an organisation or a center ... to manage ITEMS distributions to these centers!! It will be like a one-stop center for public to donate food, used clothes/books, donate items and such ... then, I will get volunteers to deliver them to homes!! Yes ... I will be more of the center manager .. raising funds and reach out to the needy ones!! This blog will be full with my charity work ... in 4-5years time. I need to rename this blog by then .. haha.

Yes ... I started doing 'charity' way back when I was in Uni-time ... when I was broke but hey, there are much worse than me, so I thought. I started to do many donation drives when I was teaching in Stamford College in my 10 years there (1990 to 1999 ... then, I moved to Sabah).

I was broke ... honest. I do not have money to donate, actually. But I told myself ... that is not the excuse not to do what I wanted to. I adopted two kids through WorldVision, paying RM50 each per month using my credit cards. I was really in debt, actually.

So ... I went to Sabah .. left everything.

Today, I realised that I need to take care of MYSELF first before I could take care of those needy ones. Today ... I do realise that I need huge funds to be able to run an organisation. So ... I planned all these since I m back to KL some 6 years ago. I will want to retire rich ... and use the funds to open a center I mentioned above. Yes ... just move on ... do it in small scales, no pressure on what-how ... but slowly growing my knowledge and experiences(just like how I learnt to trade) ... hopefully, I could find many out there ... kind people who will support my humble good cause.

I am tired ... I need to rest now (11.50pm). So ... I will write more about my charity-works and will reply to few e-mail I received about my trading-workshop and e-learning. Will do.

Thanks for reading.



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